Teaching materials

The Ethox Centre provides all of the medical ethics and law teaching for medical students in Oxford. These folders contain the teaching materials (handouts and tutor notes) for the medical ethics and law course taught to medical students in Oxford. You are welcome to use these teaching materials in your own teaching. If you do so, please acknowledge the Ethox Centre. These handouts are used in conjunction with the course textbook, 'Medical Ethics and Law: the core curriculum (Second Edition)' Hope, T. Savulescu, J. and Hendrick, J. (2007) Churchill-Livingstone.


    1. Course aims and objectives
    2. Introductory lecture
    3. Introduction to English medical law and negligence
    4. Confidentiality
    5. Consent
    6. End of life
    7. Genetics
    8. Medical Research
    9. Reproductive Ethics
    10. Psychiatry Seminar in Ethics and Law